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This is a basic search on your word mark - registrability and availability can only be truly determined by conducting a comprehensive search

The Trademark Registration Process

Trademark search


  • Comprehensive searches are conducted on all the elements of your trademark

  • We send you the results including a feasibility report

  • Time frame: 24 Hours

Trademark application


  • Your trademark applications are filed

  • The official confirmation and trademark number are forwarded to you

  • Time frame: 24 Hours

Trademark registration


  • Your application will undergo examination and the procedures stipulated by the Trade Marks Act must be adhered to 

  • Your trademark registration certificate is issued once these procedures are finalised

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Trademark Fees

This is a word mark 


from R2,195.00

comprehensive search, feasibility report and advice, government charges and application costs per word mark in 1 class. 

This is a word mark + logo  

from R2,600.00

two comprehensive searches, feasibility reports and advice, government charges and application costs per word mark & logo combo in 1 class.

*The above registered trademarks are used merely as an example and belong to the registered proprietor.Trademark24 claims no rights.

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  • Choose the option from your quote which suits your budget
  • We require 50% deposit for work to start
  • We will proceed with the comprehensive search and feasibility report of your trademark


  • The final 50% is required when you are ready to proceed with the trademark application
  • You will receive your official trademark application confirmation and trademark number


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