The Easiest Way to Register Your Trademark         

Avoid costly mistakes - 81% of DIY trademark registrations fail. Don't let it happen to you.

1. Check the availability of your trademark
Give us the details of the trademark you want searched and what the goods or services are that this trademark will protect.

Free Trademark search

Trademark registration fees


2 . Your trademark registration plan
We will send your registration assessment with various options. Choose the one that best suits your budget.

DIY applications - 3 Reasons why they fail 

  1. You ignore the importance of conducting an expert trademark search read more...

  2. You apply in the wrong class

  3. You don't comply with the various processes and legal requirements as stipulated in the Trade Marks Act

You have decided to use Trademark24 - here is how we do it


  • Comprehensive searches are conducted on all the elements of your trademark

  • We send you the results including a feasibility report

  • Time frame: 24 Hours


  • Your trademark applications are filed

  • The official confirmation and trademark number are forwarded to you

  • Time frame: 24 Hours


  • Your application will undergo examination and the procedures stipulated by the Trade Marks Act must be adhered to 

  • Your trademark registration certificate is issued once these procedures are finalised

Trademark Fees

Trademark Registration Package 


comprehensive search, feasibility report and advice, government charges and application costs per word mark in 1 class. 

Additional class R1,500.00

Trademark Registration Only  


free basic search, government charges and application costs per word mark in 1 class (no comprehensive search).

Additional class R1,500.00

The registration package includes

  • Comprehensive trademark search + feasibility report.
  • A free comprehensive search on an alternate trademark if your first one proved to be high risk
  • Preparation of appropriate specifications of goods and/or services in the relevant classes.
  • All lodging and government trademark application charges.
  • Routine trademark registration processing services, excluding objections or oppositions.
  • All trademark advertisement fees and expenses and all expenses relating to the obtaining of the Certificates of Registration.
  • Cost-saving discounts for logos, slogans and optimum registration options.

Payment in two easy installments


  • Choose the option from your quote which suits your budget
  • We require 50% deposit for work to start
  • We will proceed with the comprehensive search and feasibility report of your trademark


  • The final 50% is required when you are ready to proceed with the trademark application
  • You will receive your official trademark application confirmation and trademark number


Trademark registration


Trademark registration

Trademark registration

Trademark registration
Trademark registration

Trademark registration

Good-to-know-stuff about trademarks read more

6 Reasons why you should register a trademark

• A trademark registration helps you to protect your business identity.

• A trademark registration protects you against others using the same or similar trademarks.

• A trademark registration is concrete proof of your legally protected rights.

• A trademark registration removes the need to rely on common law rights (passing off).

• Trademark registration protects against others who trade in the same, but defective goods/services. This may ruin your reputation.

• A registered trademark is an asset, it has value:  It may be licensed, it may be franchised, it may be sold.



What makes a trademark?

A trademark is a brand name, a slogan or a logo. It identifies the services or goods of one person and distinguishes it from the goods or services of another.

For how long is my registration valid? 

A trade mark must be renewed every 10 years.

Can any sign be a registered trademark? 

No. The Act defines what can be regarded as a trade mark and more specifically exactly what constitutes a trade mark.

Trademark symbols  

You may use the  symbol for unregistered or pending trademarks. The ® symbol may only be used with registered trademarks.


Does a South African registration give protection overseas?

It does not. If you want to apply for overseas protection we can approach our agent in the relevant country to register the trade mark for you.

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