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TIP: Search for distinctive or invented words.
NOTE: Similar marks (by look, sound or meaning) can block your mark.
This search will be done on your exact trademark in the primary class/classes only

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A basic search is usually done free of charge. This will point to direct conflicts such as exact marks in the same class.

Only a comprehensive search can accurately pinpoint con- flicts and establish registrability. Our comprehensive searches are done by experienced, trained searchers with many years of specialised knowledge and are far more in-depth than the basic search. A comprehensive search is done on all available databases and includes confusingly similar marks in all conflicting classes.

Our clients include well-known law firms, legal consultants and brand managers.

The differences between a basic search and a comprehensive search

The basic search

  • Trademark applications based solely on a basic search have a failure rate of up to 80% or more.
  • The results are narrow – it does not check for plurals, synonyms, phonetic-, visual- or conceptual similarities.
  • Conflicting classes are ignored.
  • Only one database is searched.

The comprehensive search

  • Nearly a 100% of trademark applications are successful if a comprehensive search was done.
  • Unlike some service providers, our search methods comply with international industry standards. We search everything.
  • All conflicting classes are searched.
  • We search on multiple databases

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