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TIP: Search for distinctive or invented words.

Similar trademarks (by look, sound or meaning) can block your mark. The free search will be done on your exact trademark in the primary class/classes only.

What is a trademark? 

  • A word
  • A logo
  • A slogan
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Is My Trademark Available?

Trademark Registration Is Complex. We Make It Easy

Protect Your Name, Logo or Slogan Starting From R1800.00 + Government Fees
We will assess your trademark and provide different fee options to suit your budget

TIP: First to register a trademark generally gets sole rights to the name. Delaying is risky – if someone else registers first you may be forced to rebrand.

TIP: A company name registration or domain name does not give rights to your brand and trademark. Only trademark rights provide rights to a name

Why Register Your Trademark?

• Get exclusive rights across South Africa
• Creation of a valuable asset which you can sell
• Builds customer loyalty & goodwill
• Protection against trademark infringement by competitors
• Differentiates your product or service from competitors
• Trademark protection lasts forever when you renew it every 10 years
• Use of the ® symbol ensures that no-one else can use it
• Prevents hijacking of your brand on e-commerce platforms

TIP: E-commerce platforms won’t help you against infringers if you don’t have a trademark registration

What our Clients Say

This has MADE my Thursday! Thank you for the update and all the information/timelines are well received and understood. Your assistance with this process has been truly WONDERFUL and made a very complex process so simple for us – thank you.
- Calista Hardwick
You guys are the best. Best service I have ever had.
- Siya Siyabonga
Thanks for your service. I am really happy to do business with like minded companies who act fast, I have experienced the worst until you responded! I have a few more trademarks to file for my company in the next few months so consider all my future business yours!
- Shaun Van Straaten
We recommend Trademark24’s competent, remarkable and speedy efficient services to all clients.Trademark24, we appreciate your guidance in leading us to consider the best options and needs for our business. Your professionalism, customer service and communications are of a very high standard and met with all our requirements.
- Elize Joubert
Superior service!!! Something that is super rare in South Africa these days. From answering thousands of questions from us, all the way to explaining the process of the application in easy understandable language for the layman. Truly grateful for their service.
- Nardia Bakkes
Our dealings with Trademark24 was excellent. Quick efficient service, speedy responses to queries and the overall professional manner that our case was handled with was outstanding. Would definitely recommend their services.
- Charlene Chetty
Thanks for all the assistance! I would have never been able to do this all myself…
- Brendan Hayden

Since 1997, Trademark24 has provided South African and international trademark search, registration and maintenance services. With more than twenty years of experience in trademark research, our trademark professionals have the expertise and know-how to meet your trademark needs.


Each report looks for similar sounds, appearance, meaning and includes phonetic variations and translations.


Our trademark registration services include attorney preparation, registration under representation and legal follow up.


Our renewal service and referral network to trademark specialists ensure that your trademarks remain your valuable assets.

25+ Years of Experience

Since 1997, more than 35,000 searches performed and 6,000 trademark applications filed.

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Our experience in trademark matters come from working for some of the biggest trademark law terms in South Africa