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Company Background

Trademark24 opened its doors in 1997 and was one of the first to provide trademark services online. We began as a trademark search company and then started providing trademark filing services shortly thereafter. 


Since 1997, we have conducted over 35,000 trademark searches, prosecuted over 6,000 trademark applications, and represented clients from all around the world. 

Trademark24 is a web-based trademark searching- and registration service helping the individual, companies and some of the biggest intellectual property firms in all matters to do with trademarks. 

We have been instrumental in the registration of over twenty five thousand trademarks.

Being web-based, our overheads are kept low. We refer your application instructions to attorney representatives who will file your applications and manage your trademarks during the registration process.

Trademark24 combines the most important qualities of traditional paralegal help – accuracy and intelligence balanced with experience and skill, at a low price, without sacrificing quality service. 

We give informed advice garnered over many years of dealing with trademarks. If a situation arises where you need legal help or the law on your side, we have a network of attorneys who we can refer you to.

We save you time, money and possible costly mistakes. We know the processes – high quality searches, correct classification and the registration procedure. 

Trademarking is a complicated field – that’s why there are lawyers making this field their specialty! – and the do-it-yourself option has done much to actually defeat the purpose of obtaining a strong trademark.

We have a dedicated team of searchers and we will go the extra mile to help you register your trademark and guide you towards the various registration processes. We believe in personalised service.

We believe in educating you about trademarks and the like. We are not big on conveyor belt kind of service. We enjoy interacting with our clients and guiding them towards the best possible solution for their needs. 

My experience in trademark matters come from working for some of the biggest trademark law firms in South Africa – Webber Wentzel, Bowman Gilfillan, Spoor & Fisher and Adams & Adams. In 1997 I started out on my own and evolved to what is now Trademark24.


Sorita Pullin - Owner / Manager @TRADEMARK24

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